There are changes afoot at Eastcott Barn.

As a family we have lived at Eastcott since 1975. Our house and smallholding has adapted over the years to the different needs of us all. In 2005 we began a major building project that enabled two of my daughters, their partners and children to move back to Eastcott and for me to begin to develop the retreat centre that I had held as a fantasy for many years. In 2008 I was able to extend activities at the Barn, with the addition of the two big rooms – the Blackbird room and the Gym. The latter doubled as both a gym run by one of my daughters and a spiritual space which has held labyrinth meditations, sacred dance, yoga, sound healing, ceremonies and rituals, Chi Gung, singing, laughter and much more.

But the needs of the family are changing once again. My grandchildren are all teenagers now and the families are outgrowing their shared space in the Big House. One Daughter wants to focus more of her energy on her Gym business. My Mother who lives next door, in the house across the field, has had two recent hospital admissions and at 96 has reached a point where she needs more help.

Eastcott LodgeSo I will be moving to her house – The Lodge.  One family will move to The Barn. My Mother will move to the Barn with them where she can have a bedroom, bathroom and sitting room on one level with no stairs. My eldest daughter and family will stay in the Big House.  And my “retreat centre” – Eastcott Barn is coming with me to the Lodge, where I think it will become known as Eastcott Lodge.

It has been a long and challenging process to get to this point. The Lodge is a two bedroomed cottage which has planning permission (and foundations) for an extension to include another sitting room and an ensuite bedroom. In addition we have made a planning application for a large extension at the back which will include a kitchen big enough for an aga and shared meals round the table, an entrance hall and a large group room/therapy space. Eastcott Lodge plans The Lodge has a big garden and a small field that backs directly on to Sheldon Forest – acres of largely untended woodland, home to Deer, Badgers, Bluebells and Owls.

I have part of the planning permission but not all and some of the money needed for the build  but not enough but such concerns did not stop me when I was adding on the two big rooms at   the Barn.Eastcott Lodge plans
When in doubt now, I remember the definition of Intention that hangs on my kitchen cupboard “A purposeful plan to perform an action that will lead to the required outcome”. This quote from The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart inspired me in the creation of Eastcott Barn. I put out the intention, visualised it “as having already occurred when in a concentrated state of hyperawareness” and then let it go in the trust that it would happen – and it did!

But there is something very different about this move. Eastcott Barn as a “place where people could come to find what they needed” was developed by myself as an individual ( though of course with help from the great beyond). Now it seems that there is a community involved in the move and recreation of Eastcott Barn at the Lodge. The energy that all of you, in different ways, have built up over recent years at Eastcott Barn has been important to so many people and this energy will form and enhance the beginnings of the new.

My sense of the support, (shock) and interest of people when they heard about the proposed move has been so helpful and I am inspired by the decision of others to mark the move with the help of the Eastcott community.
So a date for your diary if you would like and are able to join in the moving movement – Saturday 7th January 2017

At the recent Winter Gathering, Karen led an amazing shamanic drumming session which culminated in a very loud, energetic, wonderful drum of all rooms at Eastcott Barn, a sort of celebration and appreciation of the Barn and all that it has held and an intention that this energy should be carried up to the new abode at the Lodge. This provided the inspiration to drum me up the road on the moving day. 

Jenny and Sue
The ideas for the inspiration as seen below, originated with Sue. She has developed the original plans with suggestions from others. Here is the programme. If you have anything you would like to add, do let me know.

Eastcott Barn Moving Day

Plans for the day - 10.30-2.00

 From 10.15: Meet at Eastcott Barn.

 10.30: Poem written and read by Viv to inaugurate the proceedings.

Walk, with Jenny at the centre, from Eastcott Barn to Eastcott Lodge (a short walk to cottage on the bend before Eastcott) accompanied by drumming - some spare drums and rattles will be available.

Enter the Lodge over a threshold made by Sue, of leaves and herbs with particular relevance to shifts, transformation and new beginnings.

Drumming through each room in the house and around where the new rooms will be.

Back to Eastcott Barn to collect an item which has had meaning for you – for example this might be a pillow or throw to represent a gong bath you have enjoyed, a dish to represent some of the many delicious meals we have shared, tea bags, a plant, a log for the fire, a book or something else which is symbolic of what you have enjoyed or gained in this place.

We will then walk back up to Eastcott Lodge and place them there, looking forward to the time when once again these things will happen.

 12.00   Buffet at Eastcott Barn – yes please, to anyone who would like to bring something to share.

 11.00-2.00  Throughout the time there will be a piece of felt in the Blackbird Room and a selection of threads. The idea is to consider an intention for what Eastcott Lodge will become and thread this through the felt – absolutely no sewing skills required – just thread in and out along the felt.

Also a Visitors’ Book for Eastcott Lodge will be started and if there is anything you wish to write, draw or stick into it, this will be available in the Blackbird room at the Barn. 

 I know there are many who will be unable to join us but if you have a mind to, send us thoughts and blessings on the day and we will send thoughts and blessings to you who have been part of Eastcott Barn – lights all over the world.

Apologies as this has all been a lot of reading matter and I want to add more because I cannot leave the Winter Gathering unmentioned. Held the last weekend in November, this was the fourth Winter Gathering at Eastcott Barn and it was so interesting, joyous and delicious, full of the generosity of people that has typified these gatherings.Talk with Sagara We had talks by Gordon on Trees, Springs and Energy Walking Sticks, by Sagara on the developments in his Forest Garden, healing sessions offered by Ali, Clare, Lesley and Sue, shared meals, many, many conversations round the fire. Kerry Anne illustrated her talk of the charity she is involved with, through slides of children in Malawi. Geraldine and Ali were as usual, busy with their colourful knitting and creativity. There was laughter, washing up with the Marigold gloves, the beautiful singing of Rachel, David with his guitar, Kundalini Yoga with Cassandra, shamanic drumming with Karen.  Rosie came from Scotland, Ali from Norfolk,  Rachel from Salisbury and many others from the Blackdowns, Devon and Somerset.Labyrinth

On the Saturday night we once more walked the Labyrinth devised by Sagara.  It is always different and always deeply moving and relevant.

Thank you to everyone who brought themselves and their offerings.

Winter Solstice
The last event officially held at Eastcott Barn was a special “Preparing for the Winter Solstice/ Going to the Cave of the Winter Bear” evening of Reflection, Visualisation, Gong Bath, Sausages (meat, gluten free and vegetarian!) and mince pies – the food delicacies eaten while crammed around the kitchen table with much conversation and merriment. What a lovely evening and what a celebration of the time at Eastcott Barn.
Merriment round the table

Thank you so very much to everyone who has been to Eastcott Barn over the years, to those who have offered encouragement, brought interesting and meaningful workshops, taken part in events and offered of yourselves in so many myriad ways.

Watch this space for news of Eastcott Lodge and maybe see you there one day before too long. I have ideas for things that might happen there!
I will finish with some words for the Winter Solstice from Luna Moon Hare by Wendy Andrew :

“ The longest night is done, the sun is born and the wheel turns’.
She stretches out her arm and it makes a path to forever...
‘This is the magical way,
As you carry the crown through night and day;
The season’s song will shift and change.
All elements will rearrange.
My path is neither short nor long,
For how can you measure the tune of a song?
Dance the path in step with your heart.
And by the end you’ll be ready to start....”
Yuletide Greetings from Eastcott Barn With Yuletide Blessings, Jenny   




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