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Core process psychotherapy

I work as a Psychotherapist at The Lodge. Details of how to contact me or make an appointment are to be found at the bottom of this page.

We live in a society where achievement and materialism are highly valued.The risk of this, is that the individual, the human being, the person, is overlooked. In recent history we have also overlooked our relationship to the natural world and increasingly we are seeing the consequences of this in the climate situation.  

 We get stuck in old patterns of thought and behaviour on personal and cultural levels that no longer serves us. Anxiety, depression, low self-esteem are signs of our unhappiness, whether related to our individual experiences or on a more global level. Traumas are often side-lined and not fully acknowledged.

It is by meeting our own needs, by taking our own space, that we can start to find our healing and the hidden gifts that we have to bring to the world around us.

Core Process Psychotherapy is a psycho-spiritual therapy that can be used for short or longer term work. Based on the understanding that at the centre or core of each of us lies the potential to be whole, happy and healthy, it draws from both Buddhist and Western psychologies. 

This Humanistic approach accepts that we each have our own inner wisdom that knows how to find healing on body, mind and spirit levels and how to bring this to the world.

Psychotherapy can help access this wisdom by encouraging awareness of the different aspects of ourselves and by both therapist and client working together in relationship, with a non-judgemental view of how things seem to be.To support this exploration, I use various  approaches to becoming more attuned to the deep inner knowing. Thus the use of sound therapy, regression therapy, body work including acupressure, constellation work, a type of sand play therapy or working outside in nature may all play a part in helping discover the intuitive inner core that has become suppressed.

It is by accepting ourselves as we are, that we can allow changes to happen. 

One to one Psychotherapy can offer a safe and confidential space for individual time, to be really listened to, to explore difficulties, or reflect on issues arising from our common humanity.

      Core Process Psychotherapy is offered by Jennifer Ash MA at The Lodge, Sheldon, Near Honiton, Devon. Tel: 01404 841 450  Email:

        Individual psychotherapy sessions are usually held weekly. 

             An individual one hour session costs £45 

If you would like to discuss whether this approach feels appropriate for you, please contact me 
           by phone: 01404  841 450                    or Email: