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Personal Training / Fitness Room

Gym and Tonic Fitness

Our Vision The concept for this room is a place where training is shaped to suit the individual. Whether its peace and quiet to focus and enhance physical well being or pumping music and muscle, our aim is to provide you the space to do it in. 

Resident Trainer Our resident trainer has 13 years experience of working in the Physical Education field and holds the appropriate qualifications. The ethos of a personal and nurturing environment runs throughout Eastcott Barn and into Gym and Tonic Fitness, spending time with people, imparting her knowledge, enthusiasm and motivation to improve the fitness and health of her clients, facilitating progress and change, whether weight loss, altering body shape or simply generating a feeling of well being, with the back drop of the Blackdown Hills, what better place to do it in.

Equipment The Fitness Room is equipped with a running machine and a static bike, as well as various fitballs, weights, mats, a weights bench and a selection of other training aids.

Personal Training Imagine having your own expert to motivate you, monitor your progress and ensure you are focusing on the right exercises... One to one personal training can give you just this. We offer an experienced, friendly and understanding approach to the individual, whatever your age, size, shape, level of fitness or ability. The programme will be tailored to suit you and your needs; whether your aim is weight loss, strength gain, toning, fitness or simply general well being.                                                      

Benefits of Personal Training:

Constant challenges, targets and new programmes set.                                                

Help and guidance.                                                                                                                   

Safe effective training.                                                                                                     

Motivation and encouragement.                                                                                 

Assistance with lifestyle change.                                                                                         

Helps you stay focused and on track.                                                                           

Progress monitored and recorded.                                                                                      

Makes your fitness sessions fun and enjoyable.

An initial consultation is required to ascertain information to enable us to create the appropriate programme for you. This consists of lifestyle questions, a PAR Q (physical activity readiness questionaire), and an exercise session to gauge your present level of fitness. Appointments are available at times to suit.

Circuit Training Studies have shown that Circuit Training is the most efficient way to enhance cardiovascular fitness and muscle. Here at Gym and Tonic Fitness our circuit classes are fun, enjoyable, effective and inclusive; all ages and abilities are welcome. Each class provides a whole body workout and can be easily customized for specificity. A 'circuit' is one completition of all prescribed exercises in the programme. When one circuit is complete, one begins the first exercise again for another circuit. Traditionally the time between exercises in circuit training is short and often with rapid movement to the next exercise.

Benefits of Circuit Training:

Classes can be mixed ages and abilities.

Structured and guided fitness sessions.

Motivation, encouragement and advice from the instructor.

Easy to follow.

Weight loss and Toning.

Motivation and encouragement from other participants.

Fun and enjoyable sessions.

To attend circuit classes you will be required to complete a PAR Q (physical activity readiness questionaire) prior to participating. Adult  classes run weekly. Booking is essential.

General Training This sessions allows the individual the ability to create their own session, whether to practice what they have learnt, make up their own programme or just get on the treadmill and run! Our resident trainer is always on hand for safety and is happy to give a little help or advice as and when needed. 

Session Times at Gym and Tonic Fitness

Our sessions are run on a two week cycle. Week 1 commences on 28/11/10 and week 2 follows on 05/12/10, then back to week 1 on 12/12/10 on so on!

Week 1

Sunday           6-7pm Circuit Training / 7-9pm General Training

Monday           6-7pm General Training / 7-8pm Circuit Training

Tuesday         6-7pm Circuit Training / 7-9pm General Training

Friday              6-7pm General Training / 7-8pm Circuit Training 

Week 2

Sunday           6-7pm Circuit Training / 7-9pm General Training

Wednesday   6-7pm General Training / 7-8pm Circuit Training

Thursday        6-7pm Circuit Training / 7-9pm General Training

Friday              6-7pm General Training / 7-8pm Circuit Training

Price List for Gym and tonic Fitness

Personal Fitness Session    £25 per hour / £15 per 1/2 hour

All other sessions                   £5 per session

Reductions for pre paid monthly booking available. The more you book the bigger the reduction!

Personalised gift vouchers available.