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Sound Therapy and the Gongs

Two or three group Gong Baths are held each month. Dates are arranged the previous month. If you are interested please contact Jennifer Ash for current details.

Anyone is welcome unless you have a pacemaker as unfortunately this is a contra-indication. Please let me know if you would like to come so that I can set the room out approriately. Allow two hours in total. This includes time for settling in, the Gong Bath itself of approximately an hour and time afterwards to ground, reflect - either on your own or in the group - and have a cup of tea.

You are welcome to bring your own pillow/cushion but pillows, mattresses on the carpeted floor and blankets are provided.

Booking essential. Cost £10.

Arrive from 6.30pm for start.

Gong Baths can also be arranged individually or for small private groups. Costs vary according to the size of the group.  

Unfortunately it is advised that anyone with a pacemaker should not partake in a Gong Bath.

Jennifer Ash, Tel: 01404 841450 or email: